USA , Michigan : le 10 Juin déclaré Jour des Alcooliques Anonymes

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State Rep. Joe Bellino declares June 10 as Alcoholics Anonymous Day in Michigan

Bellino est membre AA

Bellino est membre AA

Rep. Joe Bellino today introduced a measure to declare June 10, 2022, as Alcoholics Anonymous Day in the state of Michigan.

“As an addict in recovery, I have personally seen the toll alcohol use and other drug consumption can take on a person,” said Bellino, of Monroe. “Throughout my recovery, I have witnessed the life-changing tools and methods Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) provides folks to help them bounce back from their addiction. This common-sense resolution will help bring awareness to a problem affecting many Michiganders.”

“AA saved my life, and the lives of many others throughout the state,” Bellino said. “They deserve proper recognition for their ongoing, tireless efforts.”

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