Cleveland News 28 Juillet 1950

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Publié le 1° jour de la 1° Convention Internationale à Cleveland, Ohio

“AA's Here, Call Women Drinkers Major Problem“

Cleveland News 28 Juillet 1950
Cleveland News 28 Juillet 1950
“Women account for most of the "hidden drunks" in our society.”
“There's more of a social stigma attached to the woman drinker," she said. "That accounts for the fact that the first woman joined the 15-year-old AA movement in 1939. Even when Marian was at her worst, she "hated to see another woman drinking."
“Women AA's, who make up approximately 15 percent of the membership, will attend a special meeting to discuss their special problems.“
“The co-founders will speak Sunday at the closing meeting. Meeting tonight will be the "AA family," mushrooming organization of wives, husbands and children of alcoholics. Mrs. Bill W., wife of the founder, will speak.“

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