55 ans d'abstinence

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Mac D. est mort en paix à 11 heures lundi 22 septembre 2008, abstinent depuis plus de 55 ans. Cliquer sur sa photo pour lire sa nécro dans le journal de sa ville.


Mac D. passed peacefully at 11 P.M. Monday September 22, 2008. 
Bud was quite a story.  He read the Big Book in San Quentin prison,
identified with a man in one of the stories and never drank again. 
His sobriety date was March 10, 1953, so Bud had been sober for 55 years.
And what a life he had.  From a child star in the Our Gang movies in the thirties, a combat marine in the Pacific during the war, to chairman of the board of the largest group of charitable services to alcoholics, drug addicts, and other types of persons needing help.

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