Higher Power

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Higher Power follows the story of Mike, a young man who finds himself waking up in a Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation center. He is sick, worn out, and needs help. Mike is hesitant to the rules and regulations of Alcoholics Anonymous and the 12-step program. He doesn’t find any comfort or stability in the help or people offered to him. During his time at the treatment center, Mike meets and falls in love with Nicole, a female patient at the center; which is strictly against hospital rules. Through his newfound friend, Mike finds himself in a safe and comforting place with her. Together they fall for one and other in a very carnal and passionate way. They depend on one and other in the same way that they depended on drugs. Mike is convinced that Nicole can be his ‘road to salvation’. Mike and Nicole are both young and naive as well as very fragile in their attempt to better themselves through their time at the drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.

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