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If you answer yes to any ONE of the following questions, you  
POSSIBLY sobered up in Southern California.

If you answer yes to any TWO of the following questions, you  
PROBABLY sobered up in Southern California.
If you answer yes to any three of the following questions, you  
DEFINITELY sobered up in Southern California.

                      20 questions for SOBER alcoholics          

When speaking in a discussion meeting, are you utterly incapable of comprehending what is meant by "three to five minutes"?
Do you believe that everyone in a meeting needs to hear every single detail of your dysfunctional life?
Do you consider "work" a dirty word?
Do you consider mediocrity a goal to which one should aspire?
Has sobriety rendered you celibate?

Do you have puritanical sexual attitudes and believe they are a manifestation of spiritual enlightenment?

Do you consider yourself spiritually superior to other people because you are sober?
Do you think the world owes you a living, a "relationship", or a medal because you are sober?
Do you feel a chronic, burning desire to advise other people how to live their lives, whether or not you even know them?

Do you believe the Big Book and other AA literature are the only writings a sober alcoholic should ever read?
Do you sit around restaurants with other alcoholics discussing your program so loudly that everyone in the vicinity hears you?
Do you believe that sobriety relieves you of the responsibilities of citizenship -- keeping informed about world events, voting in elections, and paying taxes?
Do you believe there is some AA rule which requires newcomers to identify themselves as such in meetings?

Do you believe that meetings must be ritualistic -- with endless readings, group chanting applause and hugging --  to be authentic?

Do you resent other alcoholics whose lives are successful?
Do you resent the word "recovered" -- even though used repeatedly in the Big Book -- because you believe you'll always be sick?
Do you think you understand God?

Do you believe you have a spiritual obligation to impose your view of God on other people?
Do you think God finds parking spaces for alcoholics in Los Angeles while letting children starve in Afghanistan?
When you think of God, do you see the face of Clancy*** ?

*** Clancy I, of Venice, CA, got sober in  1958 and was the 86th Alcoholic that was released out of the Midnight Mission in Los Angeles

Thanks to Eddie W., who lives in ... Arizona, for transmitting this 20 "questions"

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