Born to be in AA

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    Born to be in AA

link    Old Timer

I've gone 37 years without a slip
I only go to a meeting to get my chip
I don't drink and I don't die and that's
The only reason why
I, I, I'm and old timer

I don't make amends for anything I've done
I don't give nothin' back to anyone
I don't...

I've got all the answers, they're right here in the book
Been a decade and a half since I had a look
You can do together what I do alone
You keep comin' back-I'll stay home
I don't...

I took all I needed, I'm doin' fine
You get yours, I got mine

link   People With No Last Names

Railroad Dick, Railroad Dan
3-Finger Dave and Smilin' Sam
We're all way into anonymity
Good luck getting' hold of me


Just a group of drunks, we're all the same
We keep it simple and we feel no shame
You don't know us, but we're glad you came
We're the people with no last names

Here's Fully-Clothed Mary, her life was a mess
Now she's part-way sane and all-the-way dressed
unlisted in the directory
on a first-name basis with guys like me


Bike Mike, Father Mike, Hot Dog Mike
at meetings every morning, noon and night
We're all so goll-darn anonymous
Good luck getting' hold of us


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Carol L 25/09/2009 23:20

Thanks for allowing me a virtual tour from one continent to another!