35 ans de sobriété active

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 'If you're a drunk, you're a drunk'

For 35 years she's been sober and helping the homeless and mentally handicapped

25 OCTOBRE 2009

So that particular Christmas 1974, Adele drank too much like she knew she would. She fell. As her friend picked Adele up off the ground, she invited Adele to a meeting - to Alcoholics Anonymous. New Year's Eve was coming up and, of course, Adele couldn't miss those parties.

"Ten o'clock on New Year's Day, she called me. Took me to AA and I never had another drink.

"I am a delivered alcoholic. When I went to AA, they have 12 steps. The first step is (to say) I was powerless over alcohol and that my life had become unmanageable and the only person who could help me was God. So I'm going to let God take a crack; I wasn't doing any good at it.

"You've got to get the spiritual part of the program for it to be successful."

She was 58 years old.

“I went to Alcoholics Anonymous at a very senior age — 58 years old,” Adele McGrath-Davis says, poking fun at herself.
But then she gets serious. “When I went to AA — that was the miracle. They told me they loved me to death. But they were very disciplined. You have to go every day, seven days, to meetings, they told me, till you lick this thing. I absolutely absorbed the love. All these people had the same disease. They understood. And they loved me. I wouldn’t let them down.”

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