American Medical Association, septembre 1956 : "Alcoholism Is A Disease"

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In "The Journal of the American Medical Association" (JAMA)   September 1956, p 36-39

"Alcoholism Is A Disease."

("L'alcoolisme est une maladie")


HISTOIRE 912 Today's Health, September 1956


HISTOIRE 912a Today's Health, September 1956

Auteur : Marvin Avram Block, M.D., Chairman, Committee on Alcoholism, A.M.A. Council on Mental Health

A participé (2-4 juillet 1965) au congrès international AA de Toronto  link


A noter l'emploi non différencié de "disease" et "illness"

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In "The Journal of the American Medical Association" (JAMA), Vol.162,No.18, Dec.29,1956


"The Council on Mental Health urges hospital administrators and the staffs of hospitals to look upon alcoholism as a medical problem and to admit patients who are alcoholics to their hospitals for treatment, such admissions be made after due examination, investigation and consideration of the individual patient. Chronic alcoholism should not be considered as an illness which bars admission to a hospital, but rather as a qualification for admission when the patient requests such admission and is cooperative, and the attending physician's opinion and that of the hospital personnel should be considered. The chronic alcoholic in an acute phase can be, and often is, a medical emergency.


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Marvin A. Block. Alcoholism and the Medical Profession. American Journal of Public Health and the Nations Health: August 1959, Vol. 49, No. 8, pp. 1017-1024. 

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