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HISTOIRE 751d september remember eliot taintor


 HISTOIRE 751 september remember eliot taintor


HISTOIRE 751a september remember eliot taintor


HISTOIRE 751b september remember eliot taintor


Eliot Taintor = Ruth Fitch Mason and George Mason


It is apparent they had a good working knowledge of Alcoholics Anonymous. Ruth Fitch was a writer and literary agent. Gregory Mason was an anthropologist and writer who was later chaired the Dept of Journalism at New York University.


The book was referenced in both the March and April 1945 AA Grapevines. There were two page articles discussing this book in both those editions.



Grapevine (vol 1 n° 10 march 1945) voir pages 3 & 8  : link


The book is dedicated " To Bill and To all Other Member of AA". This dedication is to AA’s co-founder Bill Wilson. In the book he is referred to as Bill "Griffith" (Bill Wilson’s real middle name). There are also references to Ebby, Hank, Dr. Jellinek, and also talks of Towns Hospital.


HISTOIRE 751a september remember eliot taintor


The novel tells about an alcoholic who is introduced to Alcoholics Anonymous. The story centers around his first year in AA and the people who help during his introduction to the Twelve Steps.


Prentice-Hall, NY, 1945


HISTOIRE 751c september remember eliot taintor

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