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in "Akron Beacon Journal", Ohio - 6 mars 2011


dr bob home 2011a 


dr bob home 2011

Harmon Velie, chairman of the board for the historic home of Alcoholics Anonymous co-founder Dr. Robert Smith, points to the carved initials "R S" in the lower level garage at the Ardmore Ave., home in Akron. The initials could be those of Dr. Smith or his son, Robert Smith.


dr bob home 2011b

Funds sought

Velie said the nonprofit is seeking funding from area foundations and public entities as well as from private donors.


The home was built as a family residence and not as a museum where thousands of people visit each year, Velie said, which is why the ongoing work is so important.

''The house wasn't designed for that type of traffic,'' he said.


dr bob home 2011c




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