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HISTOIRE 742b akron

A pamphlet with photo's on the Akron history of the founding of AA. Includes:

  • In memory of Bill & Bob
  • The Mayflower Hotel
  • The Gatehouse
  • St. Thomas Hospital: The First Alcoholic Ward
  • Dr. Bob's Home
  • Bill & Lois
  • Bob & Anne
  • Ethel M & Bill D(AA#3)
  • T Henry & Clarace Williams (Oxford Group)
  • King School
  • Sister Ignatia
  • Dr. Bob's last talk
  • Prayer by Rev. Tunks at Dr. Bob's Grave
  • Timeline



HISTOIRE 742c akron

This transcript of Dr. Bob’s last talk is an insight to A.A.’s co-founder.

He tells his story and stories of the early Fellowship in Akron, Sr. Ignatia, and the days before the Big Book and the Twelve Steps


12 pages



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