Biography of J.T.R., M.D.

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Biography of J.T.R., M.D.
Biography of J.T.R., M.D.



      This story, of one of the most difficult but absorbing cases to come before the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners in many years, will be an inspiration to all who read it.  In many ways, it is an old, familiar story -- with the very big difference that it promises to have a happy, invigorating ending.
      It is a completely true story, which adds to its poignancy, representing truthfully and authentically a man's life in which the Members of the Board have played a small part.  The great accomplishment made here was a marvelous personal victory and has attested to the great power of God.
      Members of the Board, who have followed the case closely through the years, shared in all the personal and professional developments.  In the end they were all delighted and inspired.  They believe that all readers will be too.


      Jimmy, don't promise me anything about your drinking.  Just say you will put forth your best effort.

      These words were spoken to me by my friend, a former associate in surgery, when I clasped his hand to tell him goodbye and turned to go out of the door of the State Mental Hospital where he was acting superintendent, and where I had been a patient for several months, undergoing treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.
         Then, as I went out the door, he said to me in a near whisper : Have you ever tried Christianity?...


Biography of J.T.R., M.D., Starlite Village, Box 559, Center Point, Texas.

Années 1960 - 22 pages

A noter : les étapes AA écrites à la première personne

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