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"Steps at noon" group

St. Rosalies R.C. Church - 31 E Montauk Highway - NY 11946 

The Hampton Bays Steps at Noon meeting was founded July 1981

"Afternoon" group
Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church
9 Terrace Drive

The Tuesday afternoon meeting has been around for perhaps 30 years or more

The Sunday afternoon meeting may have been started sometime in 1976
The group meets Tuesday afternoon at 1:00PM and Sunday afternoon at 3:00PM. Both are open discussion meetings

St. Rosalie's Community Center -  31 E Montauk Highway - NY 11946 
Hampton Bays 
Young People's Open Discussion

Wednesday 7:00 PM

This meeting started January 24, 2007 by Tina C., a woman in her thirties who was taken down very badly by alcoholism which started in her teenage years.

The format of the meeting is: young person will speak for approximately 15 minutes. It is the Speaker's choice to have or not have a topic and then they go to a show of hands for the remaining part of the meeting. This meeting was formed to help teenagers and people in their early 20s, but it is an open meeting and nobody will be turned away that needs a meeting due to their age.

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