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1. Put no block between the newcomer and Step Twelve.

Get the newcomer to Step Twelve as quickly as possible, so he or she can experience the life-changing spiritual awakening that occurs as the direct result of taking the Steps.

Assure the newcomer that our program of recovery will relieve his or her alcoholism. Show the newcomer that the process is simple, straightforward and that it really works.

2. Call the newcomer.

Demonstrate that you are there for the newcomer by checking in with him or her on a regular basis. Remember, the newcomer is very ill and needs your encouragement and support.

3. Read the appropriate parts of the Big Book to the newcomer.

The newcomer is in no physical or emotional condition to read, let alone comprehend, the Big Book by him or herself.

Therefore, read and explain the appropriate parts of the book to the newcomer, specifically those 50 or so passages that pertain directly to taking the Twelve Steps.

4. The healing is in the sharing not in the writing.

Sit down with the newcomer and guide him or her through the Fourth Step inventory. If necessary, write the inventory while the newcomer does the talking.

This will help relieve any anxiety or apprehension the newcomer may have about this part of the program.

5. Assist the newcomer with his or her amends.

Work together on the newcomer's amends. Be the first person the newcomer sees after an amends is made.

6. Share guidance with the newcomer.

Show the newcomer that you believe in and are practicing two-way prayer on a daily basis.

7. Co-sponsor the next newcomer.

Have the newcomer accompany you as you work with the next person. This way, the newcomer will gain confidence in his or her ability to guide others through the recovery process.

Copyright: Faith With Works publishing Company, Wally P., 2005 (Rev. 1/08)


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