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                    "CALIX AND THE TWELVE STEPS"
                       BY FATHER ARNOLD E. LUGER



publications de Calix
(particulièrement intéressant : "A 12-Step Approach to the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius (52 Meditations, & their relation to the 12 steps", by James Harbaugh, S.J.)



Lettre de  BILL WILSON du 30 mars 1950, en référence à "A.A.'s OF THE CATHOLIC FAITH JOINING CALIX" (membres AA catholiques rejoignant la CALIX SOCIETY)

3° paragraphe intéressant quant à savoir s'il faut un "AA chrétien" (comme pour la période 1935-38)  par rapport au programme AA tel qu'il est alors (1950).
Bill y explique pourquoi il serait contre-productif dans l'aide à apporter à tous ceux, innombrables, qui souffrent encore

Autres précisions :

1/ While Calix recommends Twelve Step Program attendance to alcoholics, Calix is not endorsed by A.A.

In a letter to the Calix Society on May 15, 1962, Bill Wilson, one of the founders of A.A., wrote:

"As you know I always have been personally partial to all persons or organizations whose good will and helpfulness to A.A. is beyond question.
You need not have said that you strive to keep your efforts within the framework of the traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous. I know you have tried and have succeeded."

(From an article by William J. Conroy, April, 1977, issue of "Columbia," magazine of the Knights of Columbus, New Haven, Connecticut.)

2/ The first effort of a Calix member is to get the suffering man or woman into a detoxification center, a treatment facility or to an A.A. squad.
When, and only when, the recovering person achieves some measure of sobriety is he or she ready for Calix.

The society is "an association of Catholic alcoholics who are maintaining their sobriety through affiliation with and participation in the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous".

Autrement dit, la Calix Society N'EST PAS UN "AA CATHOLIQUE"


Fondée le 11 mars 1949, à Minneapolis,  par 5 membres AA  d'obédience catholique romaine  


Semble compter quelque 40 groupes


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