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USA, indianapolis - westside club

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USA indianapolis IN 5c westside club


USA indianapolis IN 5 westside club


USA indianapolis IN 5a westside club


USA indianapolis IN 5b westside club

Westside Club

4939 W. Washington street - Inidanapolis - Indiana 46241- USA

Tel : (317) 757-8961


De 3 à 4 réunions chaque jour


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Si vous passez par Ibitinga, SP, Brésil

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BRESIL 155 ibitinga SP


BRESIL 155a ibitinga SP


BRESIL 155c ibitinga SP


BRESIL 155d ibitinga SP


Agrandir le plan


BRESIL 155c ibitinga SP

Grupo "Vida"

R. Cel. Gereto 593  - 14940-000 Ibitinga - Sao Paulo - Brésil


 BRESIL 155b ibitinga SP

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BSG BRUXELLES 329a allo a l eau


Juillet 1958 - bulletin du groupe AA Bruxelles-Centre (Belgique)

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AA INDES honoré

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Communiqué du G.S.O. India

Avec 19 ONG et 30 particuliers, AA INDIA vient de recevoir une distinction pour son travail (State award), le 3 octobre 2012 .

Le montant de la récompense a été poliment refusé (30 000 roupies, environ 440 euros).



Dear friends in the fellowship,


Greetings from G.S.O. India




Selfless services of all AA members in past 55 years are acknowledged….


On 3rd October 2012, our fellowship, Alcoholics Anonymous was presented with RASHTRAPITA MAHATMA GANDHI PURASKAR 2012-13, by Hon. Shri. Harshavardhan Patil Minister Co-operation and Parliamentary Affairs in the literary Meet organized at Pune by Social Welfare Ministry of the State Government of Maharashtra.


Hon. Shri Shivajirao Moghe, Minister of Social Justice, Welfare of Nomadic, Hon Shri. Sachin Ahir - State Minister Social Justice, De-addiction Activities and Environment, Shri Ulhas Pawar, MLA, Smt Sindhutai Sakpal – Brand Ambassador and Hon retired justice Shri Chandrashekhar Dharmadhikari graced the occasion.


The State Government has acknowledged the magnitude of the problem of alcoholism and the work done by Alcoholics Anonymous in helping alcoholics to recover.


The cash prize of Rs. 30,000/-, associated with the award was politely declined by us, as we do not accept contributions/grants from outside source.


With award is attached added responsibility…….


Let us get together and reach suffering alcoholics who seek help…….


In service of A.A.


S.K. Bhalla


General Service Board - A.A. India 

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